Film Threat Review: Chasing Childhood
"Chasing Childhood excels at giving a voice to students and parents who are struggling with mental health."
Chasing Childhood Opens a Necessary Conversation About the State of Growing Up
"Over the course of 80 minutes, Munzer Loeb and Wurmfeld tug on enough threads to get viewers talking and keep them thinking well after the credits roll." 
Chasing Childhood Opens a Necessary Conversation About the State of Growing Up
"Over the course of 80 minutes, Munzer Loeb and Wurmfeld tug on enough threads to get viewers talking and keep them thinking well after the credits roll." 
Annapolis Film Festival Highlight: "Chasing Childhood"
"Take a look and see what we may be doing to our children. Are we overscheduling them? Are we really giving them the best chance at being the best adults that they can be, when the time comes for that?" 


Chasing Childhood Calls Out Excessive Parenting, Praises Childhood Freedom
"Interviewing teachers, child development experts, families, and plenty of children, Wurmfeld and Loeb provide a gritty look at the reality for today’s kids. The film presents the unfiltered reality of “helicopter parenting,” showing that a lack of freedom for children has led to overall increases in childhood anxiety, depression, and even suicidal ideation."
What happens when kids don't play supervised by adults? Are we doing our children harm?
“It’s a very important film for parents, and even if you’re not a parent or planning to be a parent, it’s an important message for you also in that we all need to learn to support each other and judge less, and we need to give the future generations freedom to grow and learn.” 
Returning to its roots: Sonoma International Film Festival explores vineyards, childhood and family
"Whatever happened to recess and free play? For many schoolchildren, it’s all but been replaced by rigid schedules. That’s created a critical problem, directors Margaret Munzer Loeb and Eden Wurmfeld relate in this absorbing, relevant documentary."
Five Movies to Check Out at the Sonoma International Film Festival
"Chasing Childhood is a timely and thought-provoking look at parenting. The film follows the ways in which parents and professionals try to foster confident, independent young people; a subject of particular interest during a time when kids are at home more than ever over the last year."
The Portland International Film Festival Is More Experimental Than Ever Thanks to the Participation of New Guest Curators

"Chasing Childhood lends specifics and expertise to a largely anecdotal issue: From kindergarten through high school, many children simultaneously face overprotection and rigorous parental demands. Take it from Stanford admissions officials and Long Island school superintendents, treating youth as a mere audition for adulthood cripples both stages of life."

'Chasing Childhood': A Film About Why Kids Need Less Work and More Play
"It's clear that something has to change. "Chasing Childhood" offers a solution, supported by science and statistics; not only is it free and readily accessible, it's also a whole lot more fun for both children and parents. It's time to let the kids be kids."
DOC NYC highlights: Chasing Childhood
"Following parents across social classes and race, from rural to urban environs, Loeb and Wurmfeld diagnose an unexpected problem: children are over-scheduled, given very little freedom by their parents, and the result has been unprecedented levels of anxiety and depression."
Why Don't Parents Let Their Kids Have Any Freedom? Q and A With Chasing Childhood Director Margaret Munzer Loeb
"I think seeing how much kids can blossom with a little trust and freedom will change a lot of people."
DOC NYC 2020 Roundup
"Helicopter parenting, the subject of Margaret Munzer Loeb and Eden Wurmfeld’s impactful Chasing Childhood, is dissected in a way that makes one wonder how anyone ever thought it was a good idea."
Unseen Films 
"An intriguing and thought-provoking film forces us to wonder what the future holds when many parents are so controlling of their kids' lives."
Our Review (Opinion: See It Now!)
"The wonderful documentary CHASING CHILDHOOD, directed by Margaret Munzer Loeb and Eden Wurmfeld, is long overdue."
Port Washington Schools Head Featured In Helicopter-Parenting Doc
"Hynes called the film incredible, timely and well-threaded, noting that America's students are more anxious, depressed and suicidal than any generation ever before."
DOC NYC 2020: Chasing Childhood Review
"Chasing Childhood is a compelling and eye-opening documentary about a very current issue plaguing society, and one that many may have overlooked."
2020 DOC NYC Review – ‘Chasing Childhood’
"Chasing Childhood is a powerful statement on today’s ways of parenting and the deprivation of American children’s freedom."
DOC NYC 2020 Preview: 6 Must-See Films at America’s Largest Documentary Festival
"One of the most easily relatable films in the lineup is undoubtedly Chasing Childhood, an in-depth look at the pervasive phenomenon of “helicopter parenting” and its dangerous side effects."
"Chasing Childhood is a timely documentary with an important message: let kids be kids."
Chasing Childhood movie review by Movie Review Mom
"This would be an effective film for schools to share with their parents at the beginning of a school year to remind them to really cherish their children’s childhood and to allow them to be kids."