'Chasing Childhood': A Film About Why Kids Need Less Work and More Play
"It's clear that something has to change. "Chasing Childhood" offers a solution, supported by science and statistics; not only is it free and readily accessible, it's also a whole lot more fun for both children and parents. It's time to let the kids be kids."
Doc NYC highlights: Chasing Childhood
"Following parents across social classes and race, from rural to urban environs, Loeb and Wurmfeld diagnose an unexpected problem: children are over-scheduled, given very little freedom by their parents, and the result has been unprecedented levels of anxiety and depression."
Why Don't Parents Let Their Kids Have Any Freedom? Q and A With Chasing Childhood Director Margaret Munzer Loeb
"I think seeing how much kids can blossom with a little trust and freedom will change a lot of people."
DOC NYC 2020 Roundup
"Helicopter parenting, the subject of Margaret Munzer Loeb and Eden Wurmfeld’s impactful Chasing Childhood, is dissected in a way that makes one wonder how anyone ever thought it was a good idea."
Unseen Films 
"An intriguing and thought-provoking film forces us to wonder what the future holds when many parents are so controlling of their kids' lives."
Our Review (Opinion: See It Now!)
"The wonderful documentary CHASING CHILDHOOD, directed by Margaret Munzer Loeb and Eden Wurmfeld, is long overdue."
Port Washington Schools Head Featured In Helicopter-Parenting Doc
"Hynes called the film incredible, timely and well-threaded, noting that America's students are more anxious, depressed and suicidal than any generation ever before."
DOC NYC 2020: Chasing Childhood Review
"Chasing Childhood is a compelling and eye-opening documentary about a very current issue plaguing society, and one that many may have overlooked."
2020 DOC NYC Review – ‘Chasing Childhood’
"Chasing Childhood is a powerful statement on today’s ways of parenting and the deprivation of American children’s freedom."
DOC NYC 2020 Preview: 6 Must-See Films at America’s Largest Documentary Festival
"One of the most easily relatable films in the lineup is undoubtedly Chasing Childhood, an in-depth look at the pervasive phenomenon of “helicopter parenting” and its dangerous side effects."
"Chasing Childhood is a timely documentary with an important message: let kids be kids."
Chasing Childhood movie review by Movie Review Mom
"This would be an effective film for schools to share with their parents at the beginning of a school year to remind them to really cherish their children’s childhood and to allow them to be kids."
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