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Claire is a sixth grader at MS114 who practices Taekwondo. In her free time, Claire meets up with friends for frozen yogurt—her favorite flavor is plain, topped with strawberries and peanut butter cups.

Jack Color Corrected.jpeg


Jack is in the sixth grade at MS114. He runs his own small yard business in New Jersey and enjoys visiting his grandfather there. He has more independence than some of his classmates.

Liam Color Corrected.jpeg


Liam is a sixth grader at MS114 who loves playing basketball.

Lionel Color Corrected.jpeg


Lionel is in the sixth grade at MS114. Candy corn is his self-professed weakness!”

Swann Color Corrected.jpeg


Swann is in the sixth grade at MS114 and speaks French.

Zach Color Corrected.jpeg


Zach is in the sixth grade at MS114. On the weekends, he visits his dad in the Bronx. He wants to make the trip by himself soon.




When Genevieve Eason’s academically successful daughter suffers from serious mental illness in high school, Genevieve becomes an unwitting activist in her community of Wilton, Connecticut, fighting to restore free play in childhood. As a political activist and community educator, Genevieve works to shift the definition of success and lessen the pressure we put on kids. She is the executive director of the Wilton Youth Council and chairs the town’s Free Play Matters Task Force.



From a young age, Savannah Eason knew she was a star student, enrolled in every advanced course offered at the Wilton, Connecticut public schools she attends. Her parents and teachers all encourage her to succeed, pushing her to be the best she could be. But years of this pressure leads to worsening mental illness for Savannah, even giving way to self harm and addiction. How can she escape the fast track to “success” and pursue her own passions? What does it mean for children and teens to find true happiness outside of attending a top college?